Types of servicesImport/Export prices in UAH without VAT


1Main letter of the VMD (first product, UCTEC code) 1800

2Additional letter of the VMD (for the 2nd and each subsequent product, UCTEC code) 200

3Registration of previous declaration 150

4Making advance notice of PD 150

5Drawings of customs value declarations (dm) 150

6Documentary conduct of the load when placed on the stops 120

7Transit transfer notice 150

8Registration of temporary declaration 300

9Registration of electronic invoice for each position 50

10Determination of product code according to UCTEC 160

11Carrying out an identification inspection of cargo (per hour) 180

12Modification of the enterprise's accreditation card 150

13Services of the temporary importation of a vehicle 700

14Documentary conduct of the load during laboratory research 120

Registration of accompanying documents during declaration

15Filling in CMR 80

16Filling in the carnet tir (MDB books) 70

17Registration of documents in the nomenclature and classification department від 800 грн.

18Registration of documents in the department of customs value control від 800 грн.

19Registration of documents in the payment department 300

20Verification of the certificate of origin Договірна

21Registration of a certificate of origin 400

22Registration of the conclusion of the CCI (information certificate of value) 300

23Registration of a letter of explanation of DCSMS / UKRSEPRO 400

24Consultations on customs clearance (per hour) 500

Permits and approvals: (stamping) in case permission documents provided)

25Registration of permit for veterinary control 100

26Registration of permit for environmental control (seal) 70

27Registration of permit of radiological control (seal) 300

28Registration of permission of SES (seal) 120

29Registration of the quarantine (phytosanitary) permit 900

30Registration of phytosanitary certificate with sampling 150

31Getting a phyto act (printing on wooden pallets) 300

These tariffs and services do not include the cost of services of third parties. The services of third parties will be re-billed according to the invoices received from them, with a 5% surcharge.
The cost of consultations and services not provided for in these tariffs is agreed separately.