It is sometimes difficult to classify the goods (to determine the product code according to the Ukrainian Classifier of Foreign Economic Activity (UCTEC) only on the documents provided with the goods, and this is a very important detail in customs clearance, because the rate depends on the code of UKTZED fees that will be paid for customs clearance.Then customs authorities refer this product to the classification department and, if necessary, to the customs laboratory). The procedure may take a long time, sometimes up to a month. In order not to delay the loading of goods and vehicles issued a temporary declaration (TD), which allows you to release the goods in free circulation before making a decision on the classification of the goods.After the receiving of receipt of the decision on classification of the goods, an ordinary declaration is made, which closes the TD. The specialists of our Company will carry out the drawing up of TD for your vehicles, their registration in accordance with the provisions of the Customs Code of Ukraine and the regulatory acts.